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James D. O'Connor
E-Mail Email: jim@essayadvice.com


State University of New York at Albany
Albany, NY
  • B.A. Graduate School of Public Affairs
Adirondack Community College
Glens Falls, NY
  • A.S. Division of Math and Science

SQL Server Developer (08/04-present)

ATSI Group, Inc.
Portland, OR

  • Performing contractual work at Portland General Electric including project management, business requirements analysis, business systems analysis, data modeling, ETL, and documentation for CRM database migration project. Analyzed previous SalesLogix and current ContactWise CRM systems, developed SQL queries for migrating and updating data, and performed data integrity verification and quality assurance.
Senior Consultant (03/01-03/04)

Synergy Consulting, Inc.
Portland, OR

  • Scoped e-business and e-commerce projects, wrote proposals and assisted in proposal writing, supervised web development personnel for internet and intranet projects
  • Hired and trained new development and quality assurance personnel; conducted employee performance evaluations
  • Administered development, staging and production websites (IIS 5), databases (SQL Server 2000), and source code managment system (VSS).
  • Led project management, met with clients (Bonneville Power Administration and Northwest Power Planning Council) and users to determine and analyze business requirements, designed web and database transactional and analytical architectures, and led the development of a secure B2B portal site for administering BPA's 5-year, $200 million Conservation and Renewables Discount Program. Internet site (IIS 5, ASP, SQL Server 2000) allowed NW regional energy utilities to develop energy efficiency portfolios, track daily energy savings activities, and to report annual energy saving activities and credit expenditures to BPA. Participated in user forums and meetings. Trained and supported utility conservation managers, energy efficiency representatives, BPA account executives and other BPA personnel on use of website.
  • Designed and developed a web-based database/datamart for the California Energy Commission's and Public Utility Commission's database of energy efficiency resources (DEER) database and an Internet search site (IIS 5, ASP, SQL Server 2000) for browsing and searching the database. Assisted in proposal writing, attended project conferences and meetings, performed project management, wrote technical specifications, and designed web and database architectures.
  • Designed and developed an internet site (IIS 5, SQL Server 2000, ASP) for the Northwest Power Planning Council that allows members of the energy community to make public comments on energy savings measures proposed by the Regional Technical Forum.
  • Designed and developed an web-based datamart and reporting system (IIS 5, SQL Server 2000, ASP) for reporting same-day settlement of cash letters received by the Payment Systems Department of Northwest Corporate Credit Union. Developed distribution and administration system for daily HTML email reports to regional credit unions and Federal Reserve Banking system. Installed application on client's intranet and provide training and technical support to client.
  • Installed and secured web (IIS 5) and database servers (SQL 2000 & OLAP) for Gardenburger's internet and Sales Forecasting intranet sites. Provided web and database security, ASP, DTS, T-SQL mentoring and consulting support to web developers, database developers, and database administration personnel. Setup OLAP server, built cubes, and used pivot tables for analyzing and generating marketing reports.
  • Performed conceptual, logical, and physical database modeling for the design of a marketing and analysis database (Access 2000) for Portland Energy Conservation, Inc. and Portland GE for reporting on regional "green" builders, suppliers and energy conservation programs.
  • Determined business requirements, performed database modeling, designed and developed a web-based inventory and sales tracking and reporting system (IIS 5, SQL Server 2000, ASP) for Bonneville Environmental Foundation's Green Tags e-commerce site.
Senior Software Engineer (08/99-03/01)

800.com, Inc.
Portland, OR

  • Performed technical scoping and time estimation for web projects.
  • Designed, developed and maintained web pages (ASP), databases (SQL Server 7), stored procedures, COM (VB6) objects and Site Server scriptor components for use in a large-scale, high-peformance e-commerce site.
  • Programmed Windows client/server programs (VB6) for administering web site content and product databases.
  • Maintained and developed electronic data feeds (XML, CSV, Excel, tab-delimited files) for daily submission of 800.com's product catalog to affiliate partner shopping sites such as MSN eShop, AOL, Yahoo, Excite, Inktomi, Lycos, BizRate, and the BeFree affiliate network . Maintained FTP site used in daily electronic data feed subsystem. Provided technical support and customer service to affiliate shopping sites.
  • Developed and maintained HTML-based search boxes and virtual storefronts for placement on affiliate/partner shopping sites. Maintained ASP web site code for tracking and reporting on affiliate/partner sales and customer responses to marketing campaigns.
  • Assisted in maintenance and operation of HTML and text-based email marketing campaigns.
  • Developed reports (Excel, Access, SQL Server) for summarizing performance of direct marketing, sales, advertising and business development campaigns.
  • Performed load testing and evaluated performance of e-commerce web site using Segue's Silk Performer load testing tool.
Senior Consultant (10/98-6/99)

Salem, OR

  • Performed conceptual, logical and physical data modeling of databases for the State of Oregon's Department of Education using Power Designer's Data Architect tool.
  • Extracted, transformed, and loaded data from Access database into institutional database system (SQL Server 6.5).
  • Developed, demonstrated, and deployed a Windows client/server application (VB) for administering the State of Oregon Department of Education's contact management system and operational data store for educational institutions.
  • Developed an Access application for administering of Oregon's Department of Education Special Education Child Count database and developed Access reports required for federal funding of Oregon's public school districts and special education programs.
  • Programmed secure web application (ASP, SQL Server 6.5, Active X grid control) for collecting, editing, and submitting special education student/child demographic data over the Internet.
  • Demonstrated applications and transferred knowledge to client staff.
  • Supported business development proposals by participating in proposal hearings and client meetings.
Web & Client/Server Development Manager (2/98-7/98)

Canright Systems, Inc.
Portland, OR

  • Developed and deployed a Windows NT-based, intranet/extranet tracking and reporting system for inventory and pricing of used cars in local, regional and national markets.
  • Programmed web application using SQL Server 6.5, Active Server Pages (ASP), Remote Data Services (RDS), Active Data Objects (ADO), Visual Basic client and server-side scripting, and custom business objects (Active X DLLs).
  • Performed systems analysis of PacifiCorp's daily earnings and value at risk (VAR) system for estimating profitability from energy trading system for futures, forwards and options.
  • Programmed upgrades to PacifiCorp's VB object-oriented forward price estimating system for bidding on forward contracts of energy.
  • Delivered a lecture on "Using Business Objects in N-tier, Web-based, Client/Server Systems" and demonstrated the use of business objects in Microsoft's Transaction Server (MTS) environment at a local business seminar for deploying Oracle databases on the web.
  • Implemented and administered Visual Source Safe source code management system for website development and deployment.
Software Development & Quality Assurance Manager (5/96-1/98)
Software Engineer (10/94-5/96)

Standard & Poor's
Micropal, Inc.
Portland, OR

  • Managed the development and quality assurance of Micropal's Asset Investment Management (AIM) software products for institutional investors.
  • Developed portfolio management, investment optimization, asset allocation, rate of return, scenario forecasting, risk management and investment performance analysis reporting systems software using Visual Basic, Visual C, and MS-Quick Basic for the Windows NT, 95, and 3.x environments.
  • Researched financial literature and competitors software and designed a mutual fund returns-based Style Analysis software product that determined the investing style (asset class exposure) of mutual fund managers.
  • Participated in annual user conferences and demonstrated software to institutional investing clients.
  • Administered Visual Source Safe code management system (over 160,000 lines of mixed-programming language code).
  • Hired and trained new development and quality assurance personnel; conducted employee performance evaluations.
Sole Proprietor (1990-1994)

O'Connor Computer Services
Corvallis, OR

  • Researched, designed, and developed revenue/profit maximization and cost minimization optimization models and application software (VB, QuickBasic) for the biotechnology and cattle industries.
  • Wrote proposal for and award contract by Ajinimoto, Inc. to develop an innovative product pricing optimization model and application software for use as a sales and marketing tool and to determine optimum product prices for a newly developed biotechnology product (protected amino acids).
  • Researched, designed, developed, documented and distributed diet formulation and nutritional analysis software (VB, QuickBASIC) for the dairy cattle feed industry.
  • Marketed, sold, and distributed of software internationally to nutritional consultants, biotechnology and feed companies, educators, cooperative extension agents, and dairy cattle producers.
  • Demonstrated software and provided customer service and technical support to clients.
  • Participated in and lectured at regional agribusiness seminars.
Systems Analyst (3/81-9/90)

Cornell University
Ithaca, NY

  • Developed simulation and optimization models (FORTRAN, BASIC) for assessing management policies and technologies on farm enterprise profitability and dairy herd productivity.
  • Researched and developed complex, nutritional, biochemical, metabolic, and pharmacokinetic simulation models.
  • Researched, developed, and published innovative linear programming optimization models used for formulating dairy cattle diets.
  • Developed multi-stage, economic systems optimization models for optimizing farm inventory management strategies and profitability.
  • Researched and developed protein and energy models that contributed to the development of new feeding models, equations, and standards for dairy ( Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle: Seventh Revised Edition, 2001) and beef ( Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle: Seventh Revised Edition, 2001) cattle.
  • Developed the Cornell Net Protein and Carbohydrate Model.
  • Analyzed data for National Academy of Sciences and National Research Council publication ( Ruminant Nitrogen Usage).
  • Selected (one of 25 people nation-wide) to attend a National Science Foundation Supercomputer Summer Institute.
  • Authored a project proposal for investigating the application of supercomputer and array processor technology for implementing complex, large-scale dynamic agricultural system models.
  • Awarded a PC by IBM for developing innovative agricultural computer models and software used in teaching and research.
  • Co-authored scientific articles, abstracts, proposals, progress reports, and user manuals.
  • Maintained IBM mainframe and supercomputer accounts used for simulation modeling and data analysis.
  • Evaluated, purchased, installed, and maintained microcomputer hardware and software used for modeling and data analysis.
  • Provided technical support to researchers using hardware and software for modeling and data analysis.

  • Microsoft Certified Professional, Designing and Implementing SQL Server 2000 Databases
  • FERC, Standards of Conduct
  • Portland State University Applied Energy Economics (in progress)

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Fox, D.G., C.J. Sniffen and J.D. O'Connor. 1988. Adjusting nutrient requirements of beef cattle for animal and environmental variations. J. Anim. Sci. 66:1475.
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