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Frequently Asked Questions
Essay Evaluations
Payment and Security
Privacy and Ethics
Why should I use EssayAdvice.com's services?
EssayAdvice.com offers a unique level of service that is highly personalized and intensive. Clients of EssayAdvice.com work directly with the President and co-founder of the company, Deone Terrio, Ph.D. (Cornell University). Dr. Terrio personally evaluates all essays with an eye toward helping the client improve content as well as writing. Clients receive evaluations that are lengthy, detailed, deeply analytical, and which include multiple samples and suggestions for rewriting. No other service offers such high quality feedback with the opportunity to work closely with an Ivy League-educated Ph.D. with decades of university teaching experience. Despite this, our prices remain reasonable, making our service affordable as well.

What are your credentials?
The President and editor-in-chief of EssayAdvice.com, Deone Terrio, earned doctoral and master's degrees from Cornell University, graduated Phi Beta Kappa and summa cum laude, and won over twenty fellowships, scholarships, and other academic awards. She also has over two decades' experience in university teaching and mentoring college admissions and awards applicants. Clients of EssayAdvice.com work directly with Dr. Terrio. See About Us for more information.

Can you show that you do good work?
Yes. Please see a Sample Essay Evaluation and Comments about our work.
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Essay Evaluations
What type of editing services do you provide?

We evaluate your essay and make detailed comments to help you improve your writing. We correct mechanical errors, explain your essay's strengths and weaknesses, and suggest ways to improve the essay. We address the essay's structure, organization, logic, style, and mechanics as well as specifics about paragraphs, sentences, words, transitions, etc. We will not rewrite your essay nor change your topic. Rather, we take your essay as it is and help you to improve it. Of course, you can take or ignore our suggestions at your discretion. We do advise, however, that you make the mechanical corrections at a minimum. To get a clearer picture of what we can do for you, see our Sample Essay Evaluation. Our services include:

  • Full Edit: Our basic editing service. We evaluate your essay and make detailed comments.
  • Second Review: A supplementary editing service for previous customers. If you already submitted an essay to us and want to resubmit the same essay after you revise it, we will evaluate the revised essay and provide more advice.

Will you help me to write the first draft?
Yes. Clients must write their own first drafts, but we are available to consult with clients about topic selection and general strategy prior to the initial draft being written. See Consultations for more information about our consultation service. Also see our free Tips & Info. about how to choose topics and write first drafts.

How do I submit my essay?
Click on Submit Essay.

How will I know you got my essay?
We will send you email to confirm receipt of your essay.

How will I know when you started work on my essay?
We will send you email notification that work has begun once payment has been secured. (The amount of time it takes to secure payment depends on the method of payment; see the Q/A below.) If there are any problems securing your payment, or in the event that our schedule will not permit completing the job you requested within three to five business days after payment is secured, we will send you email explaining the anticipated delay and suggesting an alternate completion date. In the event that we are unable to complete the work soon enough for you, we will return any funds pre-submitted right away. See the next Q/A for more information.

How long will it take to for you to evaluate my essay?
Our normal turn-around time is three-five business days from the business day after payment has been secured.
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Payment and Security
How much do your services cost?
Costs vary according to the type of edit service requested as well as essay length. See Prices for more information.

How do I pay EssayAdvice.com?
For fastest service, you will be directed to pay us through PayPal when you submit your essay. If you prefer to pay in a different way, please contact us to make an individual arrangement.

What do you do to protect my security when I use a credit card to purchase your services?
EssayAdvice.com uses the best commercially-available technology and procedures to protect the security of your credit card transactions. All online transactions are processed through PayPal. Your credit card number is not stored on our server.

Can I use a credit card to purchase your services if I reside outside the United States?
Yes. You can send us payment through PayPal, which is available worldwide.
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Privacy and Ethics
How do I know my privacy will be protected?
EssayAdvice.com protects user privacy by keeping personal information disclosed to us secure. We treat all transmitted email as private correspondence between the sender and EssayAdvice.com. All sample work and comments exhibited on this site are shown with clients' permission to use their writing for advertising purposes only.

Is it unethical or unfair to use EssayAdvice.com's services?
No. Our philosophy is that college admissions and awards applicants should succeed on the merits of their own work. We do not, therefore, write or rewrite essays, nor do we sell sample essays or topic ideas. Our clients write the first draft, then we help them to improve their essay by correcting errors, explaining its strengths and weaknesses, and suggesting ways to revise. Our role is that of a mentor performing the same functions as a professor, teacher, guidance counselor, academic advisor, or any other person who advises and educates. Our background is academic, and we adhere to strict values of academic excellence and integrity.
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